Development, construction and production from one source! From a to z made in Germany Quality, makes the difference! From one item to the complete system! Skate wheels, Ball units, Carrier rolls, Axial bearings and more... With own 3D tool construction!


In the pages that follow we would like to introduce you to the components we offer around conveyance technology, such as ball casters, rollers, heavy duty ball casters and pallet roller tracks. We produce individual parts and accessories for conveyance as well as complex conveyance aids in the form of ball roller tables and strips as well as rolling tracks.

Another area of production comprises axial ball bearings (thrust bearings) under our “DLG100” brand, which are used in lock, fitting and drive technologies.

A large proportion of our work as manufacturers includes various punched parts – as primary business activity as well as contract manufacture.

Cable collars or cable supports also form part of our range as manufacturers. These are manufactured completely by us and come in a range of sizes. They are used for external electric cable installations (RF cables).

Axial deep groove ball bearings

Components for conveyance technology

Stamped parts

Mechanical Processing