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Schulz Stanztechnik GmbH Gebäude

Schulz Stanztechnik has been in existence as a company for more than 50 years, and operating since 1991 from its premises in Halver on behalf of numerous customers at home and abroad. We produce and assemble a large number of products in differing versions on our production facilities covering more than 2,500 m². Our wide range of products presented to you on this website can cope with practically every conceivable task involved in transporting goods. The main products consist of axial deep groove ball bearings, detailed parts and components for systems used in warehousing, materials moving and transport tasks, stampings and stamped bent parts, together with accessories for cable installation.

Quality management

Determination, creativity and devotion to quality form the basis for the further development of our company. Since September 2004, the quality management system of Schulz Stanztechnik has been certified in accordance with DIN ISO 9001:2015 & DIN ISO 14001:2015. All employees carry out quality recordings in production. They are trained to check the quality of their work and do this on a daily basis. Testing protocols exist for every work process and there are random checks before dispatch.


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Careful handling of natural resources alongside protection of the environment are important to us, as is the safety and health of our employees. We meet our responsibility to society in the region by securing and creating jobs as well as allowing the workforce to take part in decision-making processes in the company. We place great importance on the training of all employees in the company and support them fully in this.

We produce about 196,000 kWh of electricity per year with our solar system. The conversion of the entire lighting system to LED also saves 25,000 kg of Co2 per year


Complex products show the high level of innovation, such as components for telecommunication, for which – alongside stamping and assembly – dissimilar materials are also used, as well as new products produced through pure stamping processes, for which several similar products are manufactured by a combined progressive tool. The fleet of machines is continually being modernised and improved, particularly by components such as modern electronic roll feeds and reel straightening systems.


Schulz Stanztechnik is an independent part of the loosely-knit group of Schulz companies, which is known throughout Europe for components and complete systems for load-unit conveyor technology and laser cutting technology. Thanks to the close cooperation within the group, we can solve complex tasks. Not only individual components, but also entire logistics lines and complete systems for conveyance technology can be supplied. Alongside laser and edge parts for sub-constructions and frames, the Group produces roller and pallet tracks, small conveyor belts, pallet conveyors, wire conveyors as well as systems for vertical conveyed material movement and distribution systems.