Designation Version Material of balls Dimensioning / Length 24,00 mm (+/- 0,20) Load bearing capacity (daN) Weight (kg)
∅ A (mm) ∅ B (mm) ∅ C (mm) ∅ D (mm) ∅ E (mm)
Tolerances +/- 0,1 +/- 0,5 +/- 0,1
062.000 Steel C-Steel 16 6,2 48 20 0,069
082.000 8,2 0,065
082.010 Plastic 10 0,058
082.100 C-Steel 66 50 20 0,100
062.000K Plastic C-Steel 16 6,2 48 10 0,022
082.000K 8,2 0,020
082.100K 66 48 0,025
062.030K Plastic Stainless Steel 16 6,2 48 10 0,022
082.030K 8,2 0,020
Subject to technical changes and errors excepted!

Version with M8 thread:

Designation Version Material of balls Dimensioning Load bearing capacity(daN) Weight (kg)
∅ A (mm) ∅ B (mm) ∅ C (mm) ∅ D (mm) ∅ E (mm)
Tolerances +/- 0,1 +/- 0,5 +/- 0,1
082.200 Steel C-Steel 48 16 48 20 0,088
082.210 Plastic 0,084
Subject to technical changes and errors excepted!


Steel rollers
Housing and lid: Steel, electrogalvanized
Hub: Steel, hardened and electrogalvanized
Running shells: Steel
Balls: High-carbon steel, plastic or stainless steel, hardened

Plastic rollers
Housing: PP, in various colours (Standard RAL5017 – Traffic blue)
Hub and cage: PA, same colour as housing
Balls: High-carbon steel and stainless steel

Plastic (POM) and steel rollers can be supplied slightly lubricated or dry.

Special preparations and use cases can be produced on request.

Conditions of use

Steel rollers Temperature range from 50°C to 100°C / 250°C
Plastic rollers: Rollers with plastic rollers up to 80°C

Conveyance speed up to 2 m / sec.


Both rollers can be supplied as flange rollers (lateral edge rollers). The larger diameter of steel rollers should be observed. In addition, buffer rings made of rubber which are pulled over the rollers when used for transport goods with a delicate surface.


Schulz steel rollers utilise ball bearings and are produced in encapsulated form. They consist of housing with a lid, running shells, hub and balls. The active components are hardened. Plastic rollers have two rows of ball bearings. The balls are guided by a plastic cage.


Rollers are particularly well suited to the transport of light conveyed material with a smooth and stable underbody. They are used in roller strips, roller tracks, flexible roller conveyors and curved conveyors. They are used in push-through rack storage systems, as deflectors and guide tracks as well as for interlinking different conveyance systems.


The load-bearing capabilities can be found in the table of dimensions under the “Roller” tab. The conveyance speed of Schulz rollers is up to 2 m per second.

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