We are the manufacturers

We make our products ourselves!

This means that all the ball casters / ball transfer units we supply are made at our works in Halver / Germany. The production of all stamped parts and turned parts, as well as assembly, take place exclusively and entirely on our company premises.

This results in multiple advantages for you.

Thanks to manufacturing our products entirely ourselves, we are able to allow for the individual requirements of our customers. These range from the construction of different models and construction types, to the production of prototypes and readiness for marketing.
This mode of operation furthermore enables us to manufacture quantities ranging from one to several thousand pieces at low cost and within tight deadlines, as we are not dependant on container deliveries.

In addition, we always have our standard products in stock!

So you’d like to “get something special rolling”, but have questions about it!?
Please don’t hesitate to contact us in person or to use our contact form – we’re always happy to advise you!


Made in Germany