Schulz Stanztechnik GmbH is a specialist for conveyor technology, toolmaking and stamping and forming technology in the field of
The Oekinghausen industrial estate continues to invest in the Halver site. On 03.09.2019 a furtherinvestment for the turning technology
division of the Halver-based company. It concerns aLathe QTC100MS from Mazak. With this machine it is now possible to work from
rod up to dm 65 mm and twospindles, e.g. the front and rear sides of the Halveraner ball transfer units can be manufactured in one pass. This allows
further variants of the ball transfer units with a shorter delivery or throughput time can be produced in Halver. Due to
the expansion of capacities in the area of turning technology, Schulz Stanztechnik can now, not only its own
products precisely and cost-effectively, but now also presents itself as a competent contract manufacturer,
in the field of turning technology.

In addition to modern machinery, Schulz Stanztechnik’s employees are the most important “asset”. From
for this reason an all-day workshop took place on 30.08.2019 with all employees, in order to jointly
How do we master the future together”. Schulz Stanztechnik has developed the renowned economist
Marcello Camerin, who comes from the craft sector.
Together with the staff, the tasks and responsibilities were discussed in various sessions and practical parts.
challenges of the future and openly discussing possible solutions. The joint results can be
and have exceeded the expectations of everyone involved.

Due to the mixture of modern machinery and motivated and committed employees, the company sees itself as a reliable partner for its customers.
Schulz Stanztechnik well positioned at Halver location!

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